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Michael Eric Gabriel Room

The Michael Eric Grabriel Room

Michael, our oldest son moved into this room under protest. During our first year in the house we all lived in the space which is now our kitchen. The first few nights he hollered down from the top of the stairs, “I don’t want my own dumb bedroom.” Eventually he settled in, and when he went off to college, Gabriel was happy to move in. Of all the boys these two share the same passion for music. They were always one step ahead of their peers with the latest music happenings and sound equipment. Both boys were also excellent athletes and the room still has a few of their trophies as well as some of Eric’s, their brother.

Michael is now the happy husband of Kristen and the proud dad to two rambunctious sons. Michael has the distinct honor of being the first child we raised, or rather practiced on as parents. Considering how ill prepared we were for the job, Michael and the man he has become humbles us. Mike, we are so proud of you and the fact that you save lives with your expert cardiac care. Michael and his family share a two family house with Eric’s family in Spencerport, outside of Rochester.

Eric has always marched to the sound of a different drummer. The sensitive one, he showed signs of being a budding psychologist at age three by always asking deep, soul searching questions. We also remember a friend coming to us when Eric was about seven saying your boy will grow up to be a minister someday. It didn’t seem likely then. He graduates, however, from North Eastern with his divinity degree this spring.

He came back for the summer as a college freshman with all the answers. With a year of psychology under his belt, he announced with great sincerity the ability and the desire to help us, his now obviously dysfunctional family. After that everyone was pretty careful about sharing their innermost thoughts, because Eric would wax poetic on their probable roots and necessary solutions.

Oh, how we love Eric! We are very proud of him, as he is a wonderful husband to Sarah and father to two precious girls. He serves as a school psychologist in upstate Rochester, as well as a youth pastor to the many teens in his church.

Gabriel has just graduated from Houghton College with a physics degree and will be going to Clarkson again next year to obtain a Mechanical Engineering degree. He is already a happily married man of two years to Renee and the proud poppa of a tiny boy tot. Well… not so tiny, actually a pretty big baby! We are very proud of our basketball loving, hammer swinging, hockey puck wielding, guitar strumming minstrel Gabriel!

This room has a queen size bed and a private bath with shower just across the hall.